US Marines train for Combat in the Mojave Desert.

Shot, Edited, Produced.


Jason Sturm has inspired a group of athletes due to his perseverance and dedication to exceed expectations put on him after a catastrophic injury. 

Role: Director/Editor

bad penny

        Role: Cinematographer

I wrote a little blog about how we accomplished this film. Click the link below...

Warrior Spirit

Bill O'Brien, professional indoor lacrosse player shares where he finds inspiration to be the best.

Best Laid Plans

A short film about the unique relationship between a husband and wife.

Role: Cinematographer

More than a Tattooer.

I got the opportunity to tell the story of a man who is much more than what people see on the outside. 

Welch at Johns Hopkins

This commercial was made to show the capabilities and technological advances of the medical library

Role: Cinematographer / Producer / Animator

Jason Sturm 

This is a teaser trailer for a documentary I am currently working on.